NOLA Smokehouse and Bar Barangaroo Sydney Whiskey Whisky Smoked Meats BBQ Barbecue Barbeque

Terms & Conditions

Customer Checklist
• We understand that there is no BYO.
• We understand that if we bring our own cake this needs to be pre-arranged with a NOLA team-member at a fee of $3 per head applies; please contact for assistance.
• We understand no decoration or signage can be brought into the venue, and no AV equipment including the PA-system can be brought in or used unless agreed to in writing by NOLA SYDNEY P/L’s Reservations Manager.
• We have chosen the food package/set menu for groups of 10+ guests.
• We have chosen the wines (for groups of 16 or more, 7 days in advance).
• We have confirmed the number of guests. We understand that we will be charged for the number of guests confirmed three (3) working days prior to the booking; e.g. a booking is made for 20 people and 15 turn up on the day, we will be charged as  outlined in ‘3. Cancellation’ for the 5 people. We understand that any increase in number of guests remains subject to availability at all times.
• We understand that reservations in any area of the venue will only be held for 15 minutes in case we are running late and may be cancelled thereafter.
• We accept to vacate the table at the out-by time mentioned on the booking site or at the time confirmed by one of NOLA’s team-members. Where no out-by time has been quoted we accept to vacate the tables by 5pm for lunch reservations, and after 12am for dinner reservations Mondays to Saturdays, and by 6pm Sundays.
• We understand that no Bar area will be reserved for drinks before or after reservations in the Smokehouse and access to the Bar will remain subject to venue capacity at all times unless otherwise agreed by NOLA SYDNEY P/L’s Reservation Manager.
• We understand that it is the responsibility of the card holders and or organiser/s of this booking to make it clear to their guests that all dietary requirements must be communicated to NOLA SYDNEY P/L’s Reservation Manager 72 hours prior otherwise we cannot guarantee that all requirements will be catered for appropriately.
• We understand that any payment due will be made on the day of the reservation unless agreed otherwise.
• We understand that the Smokehouse is a table-service area and drinks cannot be ordered separately at the bar. All food and drinks will be added to the main bill. Where a minimum spend has been quoted for a sit-down lunch or dinner in the Smokehouse, any possible pre-drinks in the Bar or French Quarter will not count towards this minimum spend.
• We understand that reservations in the French Quarter will require one tab to be opened.
• We understand that it is the responsibility of the card holders and or organiser/s of this booking to make it clear to their guests that we do not split bills by more than 4 cards.
• We understand that there is a 10% gratuity on the total bill for groups of 8 guests or more, and/or French Quarter, and/or Private Dining Room bookings.
• We understand that reservations of 20+ guests, reservations during the Peak Season (November to January), or Full- or Part-Venue Exclusives require a non-refundable deposit at the time of confirming the booking based on the minimum spend agreed upon with NOLA SYDNEY P/L’s Reservations Manager.
• Management reserves all rights including behaviour, paraphernalia and intoxication for all hens, bucks parties & group bookings.

2. Client Responsibilities
This agreement takes effect when a NOLA SYDNEY P/L booking form has been reconfirmed by the NOLA SYDNEY P/L management. Prior to this, your booking will be deemed tentative. The client will be charged for any damage or extra cleaning to the venue, NOLA SYDNEY P/L‘s property, NOLA SYDNEY P/L’s guests or its staff’s property incurred by guests or friends of guests attending your booking. The client will assist any intoxicated guests from your booking from the premises if and when requested by management. We understand that the full amount for the booking/function will be paid in full on the day electronically or by cash. Remittance may be required. We do not accept cheques.

3. Cancellation & Date Changes
Any cancellations and changes of the date of the function must be emailed to and receive written confirmation before the cancellation takes effect. Cancellations or date changes received three (3) working days or more prior to the function date will not be charged cancellations fees. Cancellations or date changes made less than three (3) working days prior to the function date will be charged a cancellation fee equalling the total minimum spend. Where no minimum spend has been agreed, a cancellation fee of the set menu price applies. Where no set menu price or minimum spend has been agreed a cancellation fee of $20pp applies. We understand that there may be different cancellation deadlines for Full- or Part-Venue Exclusives, ticketed events and during the peak season (November – January) but these will always be confirmed in writing by NOLA SYDNEY P/L’s Reservations Manager or mentioned in the description on the booking site. Non-arrival is considered a late cancellation.

4. Closing Times
Monday – Saturday 1.00AM, Sunday 6.00PM unless agreed otherwise by NOLA SYDNEY P/L’s Reservations Manager.

5. Venues Rights
We reserve the right to remove or have removed any patron from the premises behaving in an irresponsible manner. We take all care but assume no responsibility for the loss or damage to any property belonging to the client or their guests. Due to seasonal availability and demand, certain set menu, a la carte menu and wine list items and prices may be subject to change without notice.

6. Menu Changes
For group bookings of 30 or more people, we require seven (7) working days for full menu changes.

7. Credit Card Authorisation & Acknowledgment of Terms
The credit card details provided are for guarantee purposes only. By ticking the acceptance box below I confirm that I have read and accept the above terms and conditions and that I authorise NOLA SYDNEY P/L to deduct any necessary charges from my nominated credit card (for instance breach of cancellation policy or walk-outs). Should you wish to use this card to pre-pay your reservation in part or full this has to be arranged with our reservations team at least one working day prior.

NOTE: A copy of this form will be forwarded to your nominated email address. One of our staff will be in touch with you shortly.